Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Team Leader



Technical skills/Expertise
Sarah deals with high value, technical and complex costs issues. Sarah often deals with costs that exceed £500,000, prepares detailed Points of Dispute, attends Detailed Assessment both in local Courts and in the Senior Court Costs office and prepares and advise clients regarding Costs Budgets and Costs Management Conferences.

Part qualified Legal Executive until end of 1992
Law Costs Draftsperson from 1993

Sarah has over 20 years experience of working as a Costs draftsperson both within defendant and claimant legal practices along.

Sarah’s expertise in dealing with both defendant and claimant solicitors’ costs places her in a unique position of understanding the costs arguments from both parties’ perspectives which helps to maximise the reductions to claimant’s solicitors costs. Sarah has specialist knowledge in the preparation of costs budgets and in attending costs management conferences.

Unique merits/How Sarah works to differentiate Corclaim Costs
Sarah’s extensive knowledge of the costs regime from both a defendant and claimant perspective provides her clients with an insight into how Insurers work. Sarah uses this to her advantage.

She has seen and experienced the various changes in costs law and costs rules since the early 1990s which assists her in advising her clients and colleagues on claims which have been running for many years and overlap changes in costs law and costs rules.

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